Phase One

Aim:  To understand and describe the health care aide’s tasks, responsibilities and routines.

Research Questions: Phase 1

  1. What is it like to be a HCA?
  2. What is the typical workflow and requirements of HCA?
  3. What are some barriers and challenges faced by HCA?
  4. What resources and supports would assist the HCA do their job more effectively?
  5. How confident do HCA feel in the performance of their job?
  6. How much autonomy do HCA feel they have in making on the spot decisions?
  7. What training and education do HCA have?
  8. What training and educations do (HCA, HCP, managers) feel they require?
  9. What range of task and activities are HCA required to do and actually do?
  10. What kind of situations do HCA find themselves in?
  11. What is the job satisfaction of HCA?
  12. What are some of the fears and concerns HCA have?
  13. How much time do case managers spend per file?


Research Participants:

Participants for this study will include HCA, client/consumers, HCP, case managers, and site managers.