Phase Two

Phase 2 Deliverable:

An evidence-based educational module to enhance uptake of technology with HCAs and their teams.


ICT - Environment Scan:

  • A web search to identify existing solutions revealed a significant void
  • In particular, found no software aiming to specifically empower the HCA
  • It was determined that in-house construction of prototype software be built to inter-operate with existing platform-based solutions. This would specifically aim to study the effect relevant technology will have on the workflows of HCAs both individually and as a group, as well as the teams they work on. 

Computing Science - Preliminary ICT Ideas:

  • Schedulilng 
  • Documentation 
  • Enhancing Saftey
  • GPS
  • Client and HCA Education
  • Augmentative communication for clients and/or HCAs
  • Video-conference capacity
  • Communication (facilitating access to supervisors, immediate access to service authorizations, overcoming communication barriers between team members, paper trails)
  • Multiple use device

ICT Challenges

  • Requirements of technology as per the project:
    • Multi-platform
    • Open-standard
    • Multi-device
    • Not-for-profit
  • Working with both the private and public sectors
  • Multiple systems being used for documentation and scheduling
  • Privacy issues
  • Security (eg: passwords, firewalls)
  • Dead zones
  • Need to know/Nice to know information
  • Receptivity to technology
  • Readiness of the systems to implement technologies
  • Feasibility of devices (battery life etc.)
  • Infrastructure/Educational support
  • Innovative ideas for how technology can be used (i.e., adapt technology to unique sites)
  • Cost of introducing technological solutins (i.e., deposits, etc.)
  • Accessibility to devices for the whole team