HCA-T Project Updates - July 2011

AHS Operational Approval Granted

—  Edmonton Zone (Participating sites: Shepherd’s Care, Fort Saskatchewan, Morinville/Legal)

AHS Operational Progress

—  Central Zone: Still awaiting approval
—  South Zone: Still awaiting approval

Human Resources

—  Dr. Suzette Phillips joins HCA-T Project as Project Co-ordinator/Researcher.
—  Dr. Sherrill Johnson leaves HCA-T Project as Project Manager.
—  Laleh Hareian from the School of Business joins HCA-T Project.
—  Tom Ogaranko joins HCA-T Project as technology consultant.

Communication Plan for Stakeholders

Advisory Committee Meeting held July 14th, 2011. Attended by Project Team, Research Team, Bernard Anderson (AHW), Jacqueline Greenblatt (AHW), Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD., and Klaus Rodenburg.

Project Tasks

—  Meeting with Ron Schlegelmich regarding Continuing Care Desktop.
—  HCA-T adopts NiViVo software for data analysis.